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Detoxification Drinks In SG

by | May 20, 2024 | Lifestyle & Wellness, Wellness

We take in toxins on a daily basis through the food we eat and the air we breathe in. If you’ve heard of buzzwords like detox and cleansing, they are pretty much referring to the same thing – essentially the practice of flushing away the toxins and all the bad stuff in your body through detox drinks, foods and therapies. Here we talk about the benefits of detox drinks and where to get your quick fix in Singapore.  


So what are detox drinks?

Detox drinks, short for detoxification drinks are beverages made from natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs that are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. 

Detox drinks not only helps to cleanse your body but also provides essential nutrients for one’s overall well-being

Since detox drinks are typically made from natural ingredients, it is generally safe to be consumed by anyone. Remember to always consult a healthcare professional when in doubt. Here, we shortlist a few places to get detox drinks in Singapore.

Where? Benefits Price
Eu Yan Sang Chinese tea Chinese tea has the ability to keep one alert, relieves fatigue, quenches thirst, disperses heat and also aids in digestion. S$27.90 for 150g
Kinohimitsu Detox Enzyme Drink This detox drink is made from a concentrated plant-based enzyme blend, coupled with a careful selection of 75 fruits and vegetables fermented for 365 days to produce digestive enzymes.

This aids in digestion and nutrient absorption which then supports bowel and digestive health. 

S$50.36 for 30 x 14g sachets
Antidote juice cleanse Detox juice cleanses are an easy way to get nutrients into your body without having to eat fruits or vegetables. They’re perfect for improving your overall health or weight loss.

Choose from their signatures –  The Skinny Cleanse, The Active Cleanse, Vitality Juice Cleanse and Half-Day Cleanse

S$59.00 – S$286.00
Re.juve Cold Pressed Juice Re.juve’s cold-pressed juices are made using a hydraulic press to extract all the nutrients from fruits and vegetables with no heat process, preserving its best-kept ingredients, natural flavors, and rich vitamins.  From S$46.6

6 x 250ml bottles + 2 x 50ml Shots/ day

EGA Juice Clinic With 4 kinds of juice cleanse packs:

Immunity: The General Immunity Juice Cleanse Pack is specially formulated to give your immune system a boost.

Vata: VATA juice cleanse has all fruit juices to provide energy and give a rest to the lymphatic & digestive system so that it can cleanse itself.

Pitta: This juice cleanse pack is very helpful with weight loss as it is low in calories and it boosts the metabolism.

Kapha: The strongest juice cleanse with all green juices. It is a great way to detox all heavy metals or pollutants from the lymphatic system, blood, liver and kidneys. Kapha juice cleanse helps to penetrate to the cellular level.

Starts from S$107


DIY Detox drinks

If you prefer to make your own detox drinks, it is also very viable and convenient to make your own detox drinks from the comfort of your home instead of always purchasing them from outside. For example, cucumbers are great for hydration and keeping cool. Grab some mint leaves and cucumber slices to add into your water, leaving it infused in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. 



Seniors with medical conditions or currently taking medications are advised to check with their doctor before starting a cleanse. Generally, detox drinks promote good health and wellness which is key for seniors. If you’re feeling “off”, “bloated”, it might be time to start a detox cleanse for your gut health and overall well-being.

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