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Revive & Thrive: Empowering Respite Care Therapy

by | Dec 15, 2023 | Respite Care, Services

In Singapore, there exists an integrated mental health network dedicated to supporting individuals who face dementia-related risks or live with dementia. The primary objective of this network is to ensure these individuals can lead fulfilling lives within their communities. 

This support extends not only to them but also encompasses their caregivers. By bringing together health care providers, social workers, and community care organizations, the network aims to serve persons with mental health conditions and their families comprehensively. Explore how one caregiver is being assisted through the resources offered by this expansive network.

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The year 2012 marked the launch of the Integrated Northern Dementia Care System through the CARITAS Network’s TC-iCommunity@North integrated network. 

This pioneering initiative brought together various entities including Community Outreach Teams (CREST), Community Intervention Teams (COMIT), and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital’s dementia mufti-disciplinary team. 

Its primary aim was to provide person-centered care for individuals with dementia and their caregivers residing in the northern region. As time progressed, more partners such as primary care providers, dementia day care partners, and grassroots organizations were incorporated into this system. Consequently, clients and caregivers now benefit from an uninterrupted continuum of comprehensive support services.

The Yishun Dementia-Friendly Community not only focuses on constructing and integrating care services but also endeavors to create a Dementia-Friendly Community. The primary objective is to cultivate an inclusive environment where individuals with dementia and their caregivers can access assistance and support. 

The main goal of this initiative is to lessen the pressure caregivers face from stress and exhaustion. By making sure that assistance is readily available, individuals with dementia can feel valued, appreciated, and confident as they continue to live independently in their homes and communities. 

Through a partnership between the CARITAS network and the Yishun Dementia-Friendly Community, this initiative promotes independent living in both one’s own home and within the community by providing comprehensive care services along with local community support for individuals living with dementia.

Caregivers may lack awareness of the indicators and indications of dementia and where to find assistance. The Community Resource, Engagement and Support Team (CREST), also known as the Community Outreach Teams, functions as a safety network within the community for individuals affected by depression, dementia, and other mental health disorders.

These teams provide caregivers with the necessary resources to effectively care for their loved ones in their own homes and communities. If you reside in this area, you can reach out to the Community Outreach Teams operated by social service organizations.

Apart from raising public awareness about dementia and mental wellness, the Community Outreach Teams (CREST) conduct screenings at individuals’ homes to help identify early signs and symptoms of dementia. If you require someone to listen and offer emotional support or if you need assistance in connecting with other services, they are available to provide the necessary help.

Within your community, the presence of Community Intervention Teams (COMIT) is notable. These teams, spearheaded by social service agencies, extend their support through various means. They conduct assessments to identify needs, provide counseling sessions, and deliver psycho-social therapy for both clients and caregivers alike.

Collaborating with other health and social care partners is a key aspect of CO-MIT’s approach as they develop individualized care plans specifically tailored to those living with dementia. Moreover, COMIT goes beyond assisting individuals with dementia; they also equip their loved ones with extensive knowledge about mental health conditions and equip them with valuable coping skills essential for their care-giving journey.

Numerous care services are readily available to provide support for seniors who require supervision while their caregivers are at work or assistance with their care. 

The primary objective of these services is to uphold and potentially enhance the overall well-being of seniors by focusing on their therapy needs, encompassing physical, social, and general aspects. These services serve as a hub where seniors can actively participate in recreational activities and foster meaningful social interactions.

Dementia Day Care Services offer comprehensive care for individuals with dementia in a facility-based environment. These centers offer organized activities aimed at enhancing cognitive and physical well-being. Examples of activities include engaging games, therapeutic music sessions, and reminiscence therapy. In Singapore, there are numerous day care centers offering both General Dementia Day Care and Enhanced Dementia Day Care services, which can be conveniently located using the E-care Locator.

The Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) has launched a fresh initiative to promote the holistic well-being of individuals. The Cognitive Intervention Programme (CIP), designed for those with mild to moderate dementia, utilizes a multimodal approach to enhance cognitive function and overall health.

Over the course of 3-hour sessions, participants can engage in various activities including physical exercises, cognitive training, and social interaction. For further details, explore here.

Senior care facilities, commonly known as nursing homes, offer comprehensive support for older adults who require assistance with daily living tasks and medical attention. Moreover, there are specialized dementia units within certain nursing homes that cater specifically to individuals living with dementia.

Taking a break from caregiving duties is essential for caregivers, and Respite Care provides various options for this much-needed respite. One way is by utilizing day care or weekend-respite services to give loved ones with dementia a change of environment and care.

Alternatively, home personal care offers an elder sitting service where professionals engage individuals with dementia in stimulating activities while caregivers take a well-deserved break in situations where anxiety makes it difficult for caregivers to find time off during the day,

Night Respite service becomes invaluable as it provides overnight respite. This allows caregivers to have uninterrupted rest at night while ensuring that persons living with dementia receive proper care through engaging exercises and meaningful cognitive, sensory, and reminiscing activities during this time.

The Caregiver Support Network welcomes caregivers who wish to devote some attention to their own self-care, partake in enjoyable activities with other caregivers, and connect through shared experiences. Those interested in joining any of the available networks may reach out via email at

Therapy for dementia in respite care can greatly benefit both individuals with dementia and their caregivers. Through various therapeutic treatments such as cognitive stimulation, reminiscence therapy, and music therapy, individuals with dementia can experience improved cognitive functioning, enhanced social engagement, and reduced agitation. It is beneficial to explore these options to provide the best possible care for seniors living with dementia.

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