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According to figures from the Department of Statistics, by 2030, one out of every four Singaporeans you encounter will be aged 65 and above. In comparison, only about three out of every twenty were so in 2019.

This rising trend is here to stay, as Singaporeans are expected to be living longer but bearing lesser children. The rising wave of older persons raise challenges for government, society, families and caregivers alike. Are our infrastructures capable of meeting the growing needs of older persons? Is society aware of and adequately catering for their needs and preference? Do families and caregivers have sufficient knowledge and resources to care for their loved ones?

The Growing Needs Forum grew out of our own encounters with caring for our aging parents and reflecting on the Growing Needs that we ourselves would face as we advance in years. We hope to build a community that will learn, share and contribute towards caring for the growing needs of our loved ones.

After all, they are also the ones who cared so much for us in our growing years.

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