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Golden Years Advantage: Unlocking Senior Citizens’ Benefits

by | Oct 23, 2023 | Community, Resources

Reaching the golden years can keep only some Singapore citizens and permanent residents inside their homes. It presents a delightful chance to explore new experiences. 

Furthermore, there are numerous reasons to embrace aging in this country, such as the government’s provision of diverse support programs and the extensive array of merchant perks available to seniors. These factors give older individuals a compelling incentive to venture out, relish life, and maintain an active lifestyle.

Our elderly can enjoy a worry-free life regarding inpatient and outpatient expenses. The government has created special programs, and business establishments offer discounts to ensure that health-related costs do not burden our seniors. 

Government Benefits:

PA Wellness Programme

The PA Wellness Programme is specifically designed for Singaporeans aged 50 and above, allowing them to engage in various activities that promote physical and mental well-being. This comprehensive program includes health screening, physical activities, and participation in Community Club (CC), Residents Committee (RC), and Neighbourhood Committee (NC) programs.

Pioneer Generation Package (PGP)

The Pioneer Generation Package (PGP) ensures that our elderly are given the utmost care and respect; just as the saying goes, they are as valuable as gold. This package is specifically designed for Singapore citizens born on or before 21 December 1949 and who obtained citizenship on or before 31 December 1986. It provides special subsidies for MediShield Life premiums, annual Medisave top-ups (amounting to $800 per year for life), and a 50% discount on subsidized services and medication at polyclinics and specialist outpatient clinics (SOC) in public hospitals. The government is committed to treating our pioneer generation like royalty.

Pharmacy Benefits:

Unity Pharmacy

Here’s some exciting news for seniors aged 50 and above! Every Tuesday, you can visit Unity pharmacies across the island and receive a $5 discount on regular-priced items. Pioneers can also enjoy a 6.5% discount.


Watsons is now offering discounts to senior citizens aged 60 and above. By presenting your IC as proof of age, you can enjoy a 10% discount on prescription and pharmacy-only medicines and a 5% discount on health items, including promotional and bundled packs. Singapore citizens and permanent residents are not limited to this promotion. Jubilee card may have replaced this discount.

Insurance Benefits:


Hospitalization and its potential impact on savings is a common concern for everyone as they age. However, there is no need to worry because Medisave offers a solution. Seniors born on or before 31 December 1959 who are not eligible for the Pioneer Generation Package benefits can receive annual top-ups of $100 to $200 until 2018 to assist with outpatient medical expenses. Additionally, if a patient’s spouse is also aged 60 or above, they can utilize their spouse’s Medisave account.


ElderShield offers a solution for severe disability among older adults, ensuring they are not completely dependent. Through this healthcare insurance plan, Singaporean seniors can receive a monthly cash payout of either $300 or $400, depending on their chosen plan. Singapore citizens and permanent residents with MediSave accounts are automatically enrolled in the program at 40 unless they opt out. To qualify, individuals must be unable to perform three activities of daily living (ADL): eating, bathing, dressing, transferring, toileting, and walking or moving around. The overall tone remains positive.

ComCare Long-Term Assistance

Seniors who cannot work permanently because of old age, illnesses, or unfavorable family circumstances can seek support at the Social Service Office through ComCare Long-Term Assistance. Depending on their household size and income, they may receive up to $1,450 cash assistance. Additionally, they can avail an extra $150 to support low-income earning children. The support also includes regular provision of hygiene essentials or consumables and assistance for one-time needs. Overall, this program aims to provide positive assistance to seniors in need.

Supermarket Discounts:


Attention all seniors! Take advantage of the amazing Giant Senior Citizen Discount. From Monday to Friday until the end of 2023, seniors who shop at Giant will receive a $3 discount on purchases. When you visit Giant outlets, bring your identification. 

And remember, if you’re a Yuu Rewards member, you can enjoy even more perks! But wait, there are a few terms and conditions to remember. This discount is available to all Singapore Citizens (SCs) and Singapore Permanent Residents (SPRs) 60 years old and above. When making your payment, please present your ID for verification.

 Please note that the discount does not apply to tobacco and cigarettes, newspapers and magazines, infant milk powder, phone cards, Dairy Farm gift vouchers, lottery purchases from concessionaires, or online purchases at Giant. Happy shopping!


Attention NTUC FairPrice Members, Pioneer Generation, Senior Citizens, and Merdeka Generation, Link members! You can earn link points in addition to your existing benefits and discounts through the NTUC Plus! Promotion. However, please be aware that the rebate is contingent upon a declaration at FairPrice’s Annual General Meeting and is distributed annually for a maximum spend of $6,000.

If you need clarification on the value of the NTUC Union Membership Programme, we invite you to check out our analysis. Additionally, we would like to inform you that OCBC NTUC Plus! Cards are currently being phased out. Lastly, before you make your way to our store, please take a moment to review the terms and conditions provided. Remember, you must present your Plus! Card or FairPrice app to be eligible for LinkPoints issuance, which is exclusively available to Plus! Members. Thank you for your attention.

Sheng Siong

Find out when senior citizens can enjoy a discount at Sheng Siong! We have great news for you. Every Tuesday and Wednesday in 2023, senior citizens aged 60 and above (including Merdeka and Pioneer Generation seniors) can enjoy a 4% discount on their purchases. Present your NRIC, Pioneer Generation, or Merdeka Generation cards as proof of identity. Please note that the discount is valid until 31st December, and there is a spending limit of $200 per receipt for eligible customers. Take advantage of this amazing promotion!

Tourist Discounts

Singapore All-Inclusive Pass

Discover the ultimate Singapore experience by selecting a pass and exploring various top attractions. The All-Inclusive Pass offers an exclusive line-up of handpicked attractions, while the Explorer Pass provides an alternative selection. To understand the savings you can enjoy, look at our example itinerary, where we compare the Go City price to the total value of individual tickets. Please note that these prices were last updated on April 1, 2023.

2-Day Pass from $274


Gardens by the Bay: Flower Dome & Cloud Forest ft. Avatar Experience

Floral Fantasy

Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass (Round Trip) 

Bird Paradise

Kele Singapore Pineapple Tart or Ball Skyline Souvenir Box

Singapore Zoo 

Night Safari

River Wonders

Sky Helix Sentosa

Universal Studios Singapore

Raffles Courtyard and Long Bar E

 Hop-on Hop-off Big Bus: Discover Tour Experience

AJ Hackett Sentosa Giant Swing and Skybridge

Madame Tussauds Singapore (5-in-1 experience)

Nature Kayaking Adventure at Pulau Ubin

Singapore DUCKtours 

National Museum of Singapore

National Gallery Singapore


Transport Discounts

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