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Top Mobile Shopping Apps for Seniors

by | Jan 7, 2024 | Digital & Technology, Services

Nearly one-third (30%) of Singapore seniors expressed a preference for online shopping over visiting physical stores.according to Visa’s Digital Inclusion Research 2021. This shows that a sizable proportion of seniors are becoming more receptive towards the idea of technology and online shopping and that more are starting to see the value of the convenience it confers. 

The survey also showed that the top three online purchases of Singaporean seniors were clothing (69%), food and groceries (68%), and household and cleaning products (63%). Here, we shortlist the top mobile shopping applications for seniors in Singapore to grab their next purchases!



One can’t certainly miss out on Shopee – Shopee has built a reputation for themselves in Singapore with consistently providing reliable services and products. They provide great online shopping deals for health & beauty, electronics, fashion and more! We also like them for the fact that they offer many stackable discounts and big price slashes during festive seasons and Black Friday for example. 

Ease of making payment is undeniably important, even more so for older persons.  There are many ways one can easily make payments like topping up money into one’s Shopee Pay wallet from your bank account, DBS PayLah!, PayNow and also your credit or debit card. It is no surprise that Shopee is popular amongst seniors who use the platform for good deals. Always be careful before sharing personal details and never share your one time password while online shopping.



If you’ve heard of Shopee, you’ve likely also heard of Lazada. Similar to Shopee, Lazada prides itself to be a one stop platform for all your shopping needs – from fashion, food and groceries to cleaning products, you’re bound to find a good deal off Lazada. 

Lazada’s online supermarket – Redmart has more than 80,000 items which includes groceries from fresh produce to pantry staples, household products, supplies for babies & children, personal care, health & even supplies for pets. Grocery shopping might be inconvenient and unsafe for some seniors and thus being able to order groceries through an app is a great option. Redmart provides free delivery for orders over S$60 so be sure to add to cart now!



If you reside in Singapore, you surely can’t miss out the Fairprice app – the one stop shop for all your grocery shopping needs. Have you heard of the Scan & Go functionality in the Fairprice app? When you’re in stores, shop as you go by scanning the barcode of the item(s) you want to purchase & pay in the app. After which, simply verify your e-receipt with your purchases at the FairPrice Scan & Go Kiosk to complete your shopping. With FairPrice Scan & Go, seniors can skip the queue, and use their Pioneer, Merdeka and Senior Citizen discounts too!

Fun fact: Did you know that almost half of the FairPrice Scan & Go customers are senior citizens! 



Fashion never dies – there are a ton of online options to buy clothes and very trendy ones at that. For your next shopping spree, head onto Amazon Singapore’s site to choose from the wide array of clothes and accessories selection. 

Before committing to a purchase, you can also head online to read the reviews on that particular product and even real life pictures on how it looks on others. 



With the myriad of mobile app shopping options in Singapore, it significantly reduces the need to head to the physical stores. This might be a great option for older persons who value that added convenience or for those who have safety concerns about traveling out. 

Be it with everything online, be safe and don’t share personal particulars, keep yourself safe from scams. 

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