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Superfood that Popeye Loves to Eat

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Food & Nutrition, Lifestyle & Wellness, Lifestyle habits

These days, “superfoods” are becoming more popular among the health-conscious local community. The term appears almost casually applied to everything from berries to broccoli these days. While there is no one definitive superfood, we should incorporate some of these candidates into our diets, including the humble, but still extremely nutritious spinach.

Spinach is a green, leafy vegetable with high nutritional value. It has high nutrient and low calorie content, also benefits the hair, skin and bones. Spinach has a low glycemic index, so it doesn’t cause blood sugar levels to spike, hence helps control diabetes. Spinach is used in diabetes recipes as it is a good source of fibre and low in calories. It also helps reduce the risk of developing cancer and is good for the bone as well. Adding this green to your healthy diet will benefit your health in several ways.

Spinach is said to contain magnesium, iron and calcium. Magnesium helps maintain blood pressure and regulate heart rate ; iron helps the body to use the energy effectively while calcium helps keep the bones healthy. To get the best out of spinach, it is recommended to combine foods rich in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, to improve the absorption of calcium and iron.


Spinach is linked to diverse healthy benefits that regulate blood sugar, improve vision and prevent cancer.


1. Lower your blood sugar
Spinach is recommended for people with high blood pressure as it is high in potassium, which helps reduce the effects of sodium in the body.

2. Helps maintain good bone health
Spinach supports good bone health as it contains vitamin K. It also improves the absorption of calcium by your body. Each cup of spinach has 250 milligrams of calcium which is important for the bones and teeth.

3. Helps in weight loss
Spinach leaves help you lose weight and they have low calories. It is rich in fibre and hence aids in digestion and prevents constipation. Hence it makes you feel full and controls your appetite.

4. Reduces High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure is responsible for many heart and kidney disease as well as stroke. Vitamin C which is present in Spinach helps in reducing high blood pressure. Hence eating spinach can help prevent these risks.

5. Prevents cancer
Spinach can help remove free radicals from your body as it has a high source of carotenoids and zeaxanthin. These free radicals make your body prone to cancer and many other diseases. Spinach is supposed to help prevent cancer.

6. Anti-inflammatory properties
Spinach contains anti-inflammatory properties which helps regulate inflammation, prevent migraine, asthma, osteoporosis and arthritis.

7. Aids in brain functioning
This green leaf helps the brain function properly, especially during old age. Its vitamin K content, supports a healthy nervous system and helps in normal behaviour.

8. Calms your mind and relaxes your body
Spinach keeps your mind calm. Its high source of zinc and magnesium allows you to get a good night’s sleep which can help you with your mental illnesses and enables your body to stay relax.

9. Increase your immunity
Spinach contains vitamin A which helps to strengthen the intestinal and respiratory tract as well as the mucous membranes, keeping you healthy.

10. Prevents anemia
Its high iron content can prevent one from the risks of developing anemia. Iron not only helps transport oxygen to the body cells, it also increases energy in the body.

11. Prevents heart attacks
Excess fat is stored in the arteries over the years and this leads to thickening of the human artery, which can lead to stroke and hardening of arteries. Spinach helps prevent hardening of arteries as it contains a substance called lutein. Lutein is responsible for preventing the arteries from thickening and also the risk of developing heart disease.

12. Good for your eyes
Spinach contains antioxidants which are good for the eyes. The vitamin A found in spinach helps maintain the mucous membranes which is important for normal vision.

13. Anti-aging properties
Spinach is rich in antioxidants which helps to destroy and prevent the free radicals which will damage cell membranes and accelerate ageing process. Regular consumption of spinach will rejuvenate your skin and make you look younger and healthier.

14. Prevents acne
Acne is a skin condition that can damage the skin and leave scares that can be permanent. Eating spinach can relieve the inflammation on your skin and reduce acne.

15. Luminous skin
Spinach contains nutrients like Vitamin A, C, E and K which are important to healthy skin. Hence try eating spinach for a glowing skin!

With all the benefits that Spinach offer, start adding Spinach to your regular diet today. And do read on if you are keen to know what other food that pack a big nutritional punch also!

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