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Smooth Transitions: A Guide to Preparing Seniors for Nursing Home Care

by | Nov 3, 2023 | Caregivers Support, Caregiving, Community, Resources

To ensure a smooth transition for your loved one moving from a private home to a nursing home, it’s important to take care of various tasks. These may involve adjusting mail service, finding temporary foster care for pets, handling bill payments, and preparing the home for sale. Creating a checklist will provide you with an organized approach to managing these responsibilities and supporting your loved one through this process.

Efficiently organize your packing process and proactively reach out to the facility for information about what is included in their rooms. Typically, skilled nursing care facilities furnish a bed and nightstand, with some even offering televisions for entertainment purposes. To ensure your loved one’s comfort, it is crucial to verify if a television will be provided if they enjoy watching shows or movies. 

As the available space in nursing homes is usually smaller than most private residences, it is advisable to pack essential items while making this transition. Furthermore, it is highly likely that the facility offers Wi-Fi service; therefore, bringing an iPad and cell phone can facilitate maintaining connections with relatives and friends – especially if your loved one is tech-savvy.

To ensure your loved one feels truly at home, inform the staff about their preferences and dislikes. Create a comprehensive list encompassing their interests, food choices, and hobbies. Equipping the staff with this valuable information will enable them to forge a genuine connection with your loved one and offer personalized care.

Help your loved one adjust to their new living environment in a nursing home. Consider how well they can adapt to the new place. Sometimes, they may have a hard time at first, but they usually get used to it after a while. 

To make the packing process easier, it is recommended to obtain the floor plan and dimensions of the nursing home beforehand. This will allow you to prioritize which belongings your loved one can bring, such as their favourite furniture or sentimental personal items.

When preparing the living space for your ageing parents’ move, prioritize creating a cosy atmosphere by including home furnishings like lounge chairs, sofas, tables and nightstands. Additionally, ensure that the kitchen is equipped with necessary items such as plates, cutlery and glasses. For accommodating visitors comfortably in their new nursing home room, consider including folding chairs.

Don’t forget to pack bedding essentials like redlining-, quilt-, comforter- and pillow cases for a good night’s sleep. Enhance the ambiance with lamps and decorate the walls with framed pictures or paintings as well as souvenirs or trinkets that hold sentimental value. However, keep in mind that downsizing might be necessary due to limited space in their new living arrangement – so pack only what is truly essential.

In nursing homes, your elderly parent can engage in numerous activities and also keep a variety of belongings for entertainment purposes. These may include televisions, computers, audio systems or radios, chargers for electronic devices such as iPads, hobby supplies, games, books, or cards.

If your aging parent is planning to move soon, they might require several utensils to cook or enjoy a delightful tea time. These necessities include kitchen supplies like plates, bowls, cups, and mugs; handy tools such as shoe horns and coffee makers,(utensils are provided for common meals but seniors may pack utensils for their private cooking in free time), soft linens and towels; a compact tool kit for minor repairs; hangers for organizing clothes; and even a hamper for laundry needs.

Confirm with the nursing home all the essentials which are needed for your elderly parent. This may include an alarm clock, appliances (if not already provided), a refrigerator, coffeemaker, and oven. Additionally, inquire about the availability of clothes hangers and assistive devices such as spectacles, hearing aids, and walking sticks. It is also worth checking if they offer amenities like a television and radio or any old books or magazines.

Make sure to pack an assortment of clothing styles suitable for the climate in your loved one’s new home, including warm options like jeans, sweats, and sweaters. Additionally, include pajamas or robes for cosy nights in, shoes for all occasions, jackets or warm coats for chilly weather, and formal attire for festive gatherings.

Prior to undertaking an extensive toiletry shopping expedition, it is recommended to compile a comprehensive inventory of the multitude of services and facilities typically provided by nursing homes. This includes essential items like medical drug prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines, toothbrushes paired with toothpaste, lotion, soap combined with shampoo, shaving razors, and cosmetics.

If your elderly parent is moving to the nursing home with their pets, it’s important to bring along some pet supplies to help them feel comfortable. This can include items such as food and water bowls, a dog crate or cat litter box, a pet bed with a blanket, food with treats, old toys, a collar with leashes, and any necessary pet medicines.

While nursing homes usually offer housekeeping and laundry services, it’s wise to have some cleaning supplies on hand for sudden spills or speedy tidying up. Make sure to keep a broom or dustpan, a stain removal rod, paper towels and kitchen towels, surface wipes or multipurpose spray, as well as dish soap easily accessible.

Enhance the sense of familiarity for your elderly parent in the nursing home by devising a comprehensive checklist. This checklist will ensure that items from their previous home are strategically placed in their new living space. For instance, arrange their nightstand with the old clock or framed photos that were once part of their cherished surroundings. Additionally, consider bringing along an old recliner or quilt and adorning the room with nostalgic souvenirs. Remember, the staff is also available to provide assistance as your aged parent settles into their new environment.

Preparing for seniors to shift to a nursing home in Singapore requires planning. It is important to involve the seniors in the decision-making process and address their concerns and preferences. Researching and visiting different nursing homes can help ensure that the chosen facility meets the specific needs of the seniors. Organizing their personal belongings and ensuring they have access to familiar items can help ease their transition, while supporting seniors emotionally with regular visits.

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