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Seniors Go Digital – Mobile Plan Promotions For Senior Citizens in Singapore

by | Feb 7, 2024 | Digital & Technology, Services

Senior citizens in Singapore enjoy a whole host of benefits, ranging from discounts at leisure facilities to heavily subsidised medical care. Turns out mobile plan packages are no exception. Are you aware that many of our telecommunications service providers actually offer special mobile plan packages for senior Singaporean citizens aged 60 and above?

But navigating the ever-confusing maze of telecommunication provisions to find that one plan that suits you can be like finding a needle in a haystack, especially for our seniors who may not be as tech savvy. Fret not! Below are the promotions offered by the various telecommunications service providers. You will surely be able to find a plan that best meets your telecommuting, and financial needs.


Singtel – Seniors Go Digital
Seniors Go Digital Plan Price per month Data Talktime SMSes
XS $49.60 30 GB 200 mins 100
S $62.40 100 GB 10,000 mins 300
M $78.40 130 GB 10,000 mins 600
L $102.40 160 GB 10,000 mins 800
Pro $142.40 230 GB 10,000 mins 1,200


For all seniors aged 60 years old & above, Singtel offers different plans to cater to differing needs. The M phone plan would be sufficient for many seniors as it provides a good amount of data and talk time, perfect for those who surf the net a lot and tend to make a lot of calls. Recognising the importance of staying connected, this plan sure offers flexibility for seniors who want to connect with their loved ones and friends. 

We additionally like Singtel for the fact that they are committed to providing the best for seniors – learn to use apps like WhatsApp and more at their Seniors Go Digital Wednesday Workshop. Running for a limited time, enjoy 20% off phone plans & express queues at any Singtel shops.

Singtel is proud to be part of the Mobile Access for Seniors Programme by IMDA with a subsidised $5.09 mobile plan and phones from $22. $5.09 Mobile Access for Seniors Plan is only applicable to recipients of the IMDA Mobile Access for Seniors Plan redemption letter. 


M1 Silver benefits
Type of plan Price per month Data Talktime SMSes
Device Contract Plan (2 years) – 30GB $45.48 30 GB 300 mins 300
Device Contract Plan (2 years) – 100GB $57.48 100 GB 300 mins 300
SIM only plans $15.86 150 GB 1100 mins 1100


M1’s device contract plans come with free incoming calls so you can have a peace of mind when chatting with your loved ones. For seniors aged 60 years and above, enjoy M1 Silver Benefits such as 25% off your mobile plan subscription and more!

What’s more, all Seniors Go Digital plans come with complimentary 3-month Viu Premium and TVBAnywhere+ subscription. For seniors who enjoy catching the latest Korean drama, one is definitely in for a treat with this added perk. 

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Type of plan Price per month Data Talktime SMSes
Mobile+ $69 2-year plan $53.94 80 GB 300 mins 200
Mobile+ $99 2-year plan $79.05 110 GB 300 +400* mins 600


For seniors (aged 60 and above), Starhub offers a range of simple and affordable mobile plans to meet your connectivity needs. The top pick would be the Mobile+ $99 2-year plan where one gets 600 SMSes, free incoming calls, free caller number display and also free international Roaming Subscription* (opt-in required).


Type of plan Price per month Data Talktime SMSes
Seniors Plan 20GB $5/30 days 20 GB 300 mins 30


This is a rather lite plan in terms of data, talk time and SMSes which would be ideal for seniors looking for a basic plan that is also budget friendly. Another thing to note is that the 20GB Local Data in Seniors Plan at full 4G speed. Thereafter unlimited data at 512Kbps.


Which senior plan should you get?

Everyone has differing needs and here’s how you can choose one depending on your usage and preferences. 

If one mainly calls on their mobile phone, choosing a plan with a lot of talk time would be ideal. In this case, do consider Singtel’s – Seniors Go Digital plans which come with 10,000 minutes to make calls as your heart desires!

If one mainly surfs social media or watches YouTube on the phone, get a plan with a good amount of data and 5G access. 


What smartphones to get? 

Enjoy a 2 year mobile plan at $5.10 a month and purchase a smartphone starting from $20 (one time cost). These are some good deals which come with the purchase of specific mobile plans. The intention is to help lower-income seniors who want to go digital and enjoy mobile services, but cannot afford smartphone and mobile plans.

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