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Save Money On Your Groceries: Credit Card Rebates For Groceries

by | Feb 5, 2024 | A Better Tomorrow, Financial Services/Grants, Lifestyle & Wellness, Lifestyle habits

Grocery shopping is a regular activity for everyone. With Singapore’s GST rising up to 9% in 2024, knowing how to save on your expenses is a must. Several credit cards in Singapore offer rebates when you use them in Supermarket Chains. Though it’s not necessary to have a credit card, knowing of the available benefits you may consider in the future is beneficial! Read on to find out about the rebates these credit cards offer.


1.  Maybank Family and Friends CarddsdfMaybank Family and Friends CardMaybank Family and Friends CardMaybank Family and Friends CardMaybank Family and Friends Card

With the Maybank Family and Friends card, cardholders earn 8% cashback on five out of eight spend categories. These include groceries, dining & food delivery, transport, online retail, and much more. This makes it a great general spending card with a high cash back rate. However, you must hit the minimum monthly spend requirement of S$800 to enjoy the 8% cashback rate. Otherwise, this drops to just 0.3%. Cashback is also capped at S$125 per month, with a cap of S$25 per selected category. Shop with your Maybank Family and Friends Card at Cold Storage and get 8% cashback on your bills!


2. UOB One Card

In general, the UOB One Card is a great everyday cashback credit card. That said, 15% cashback is the highest rate you can get at the moment – let alone for grocery shopping. For new-to-UOB cardmembers specifically, can receive up to 6.67% enhanced cash back too, based on the monthly spend per quarter. Together, that’ll give you between 8.33% to 15% cashback based on whether you’re an existing or new-to-UOB cardmember. 


3. HSBC Visa Platinum CardHSBC Visa Platinum Card

The HSBC Visa Platinum grants 5% quarterly cash rebate, not just at Giant, but at all local supermarkets as well. However, to enjoy this rebate, you’ll need to make a minimum monthly spend of S$600 for an entire calendar quarter to receive this rate. Nevertheless, this card has a two-year annual fee waiver!


4. Trust Credit Cards

If you haven’t heard the news by now, Trust Bank – the very first digital bank in Singapore – has launched a new credit card in tandem with their savings account in favor of NTUC’s ecosystem. Their conversion rate is S$1 for every 100 points redeemed. The Trust Bank credit card does not impose any annual fee, foreign transaction fee, cash advance fee or card replacement fee.

Type of User Credit card Debit card
NTUC Union member Up to 21% rebate on groceries and food at Fairprice (min. S$350 monthly spend)

  • 21% rebate = 2.5% base + 6% monthly bonus* + 10.5% quarterly bonus** + 2% FairPrice annual member bonus^

Up to 20% rebate on fuel spend at Caltex (and other deals)


Up to 0.22% rebate on all other spend


*Capped at 5,500 Linkpoints

**Capped at 7,500 Linkpoints

^Capped at 12,000 Linkpoints

Up to 11% rebate on groceries and food at Fairprice (min. S$200 monthly spend)

  • 11% rebate = 2.5% base + 2% monthly bonus* + 4.5% quarterly bonus* + 2% FairPrice annual member bonus^

Up to 0.22% rebate on all other spend


*Both monthly and quarterly bonuses are capped at 3,500 Linkpoints

^Capped at 12,000 Linkpoints

Non-NTUC Union member Up to 15% rebate on groceries and food at Fairprice (min. S$450 monthly spend)

  • 15% rebate = 0.5% base + 5% monthly bonus* + 9.5% quarterly bonus^

*Capped at 5,500 Linkpoints

^Capped at 7,500 Linkpoints

Up to 5% rebate on groceries and food at Fairprice (min. S$200 monthly spend)

  • 5% rebate = 0.5% base + 1% monthly bonus* + 3.5% quarterly bonus^

*^Both monthly and quarterly bonuses are capped at 3,000 Linkpoints quarterly

Note: To qualify, all minimum monthly spend needs to be on purchases outside of Fairprice Group.

“Up to 21% rebate” (NTUC Link credit card) and “up to 15% rebate” (Trust Link credit card) are promotional rates until 31 Oct 2023.

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5.  BOC Sheng Siong Card

Sheng Siong shoppers should not miss out on the BOC Sheng Siong Card. The card offers 6% cash rebate on Sheng Siong spend with no minimum spend required, capped at S$45 rebate per month. Meanwhile, shoppers will also enjoy unlimited 1.5% cash rebate on all other retail spend outside of Sheng Siong, with no minimum spend required again.


6.  Citi Cash Back CardCiti Cash Back Card

If you don’t have a favourite supermarket chain or just prefer a good general spending cashback card, Citi Cash Back Card. With this card, cardholders earn 8% cashback on grocery spend across all supermarket chains and fuel.  But you’ll need to satisfy a minimum S$800 monthly qualifying spend in order to enjoy these accelerated cashback rates, capped at S$80 cashback shared across all spend categories per month.

Given the increase in the cost of living and inflation in Singapore, it is prudent to take advantage of opportunities for cost savings. Having a specialized credit card for grocery expenses proves beneficial, whether you’re overseeing a household or enjoying an independent lifestyle.

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