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Reduce The Risk Of Falling With These Alert Systems

by | May 15, 2024 | Caregivers Support, Caregiving, Lifestyle & Wellness, Wellness

As the number of seniors living alone in Singapore is expected to nearly double by 2030, reaching 83,000 from 47,000 in 2016, the issue of their safety at home is becoming increasingly important. While many seniors prefer living independently, they worry about whether they can manage on their own, especially during medical emergencies. This concern underscores the importance of addressing risks such as falls, which can have serious consequences for their health and well-being. Our previous article discusses how to create a fall prevention plan that you can check out here. Read on to find out some of the available alert systems that you can buy in Singapore. 


 1.   Home Monitoring and Eldercare (HoME+)

HoME+ is an innovative solution designed to enhance the safety and well-being of seniors in their own homes, offering a 24/7 non-invasive monitoring, alert, and response system. Aimed at those seeking an alternative to assisted living, HoME+ supports the concept of community ageing-in-place. The system comprises a comprehensive array of sensing equipment tailored to monitor the safety and welfare of elderly individuals residing at home. It includes four non-intrusive motion sensors ensuring privacy while effectively detecting movement, two panic buttons for immediate access to trained first aid responders, and a 24/7 helpline offering basic first aid and psychological assistance, as well as the capability to escalate emergencies when necessary. Moreover, HoME+ provides peace of mind to caregivers and next-of-kin by enabling them to track the user’s movements via a dedicated app. This feature, facilitated through notifications within a designated WhatsApp group, ensures that loved ones can stay connected and informed while respecting the privacy of the individual being monitored. HoME+ is suitable for seniors living alone or spending significant periods alone, as well as for active seniors or caregivers seeking an additional safety measure to support their caregiving responsibilities. Click here to learn more about them.


2.   HDB Smart Enabled Home

Aligned with Singapore’s Smart Nation Vision, the HDB Smart Enabled Home Initiative strives to enhance the quality of life within HDB residences through the implementation of ‘Smart Living’. Within a Smart Enabled Home, residents can effortlessly integrate various commercial smart home devices and applications, including the Elderly Monitoring System and Utilities Monitoring System, thereby fostering a more efficient and connected living environment. The Elderly Monitoring System provides families with greater peace of mind over the well-being and safety of elderly relatives, especially if they are living alone at home. The system learns the daily habits of seniors through the help of motion sensors and alerts you or other caregivers in times of need or when irregular patterns in behaviour are detected (e.g. if no movement is detected for a period of time).

HDB has partnered EMS providers to study the usefulness and user-friendliness of the system. One of such successful trials is ‘My Smart HDB Home @ Yuhua’.

The following are the commercial providers who are offering EMS packages:

  1. ConnectedLife
  2. Astralink Technology


Fall alert systems are essential tools for caregivers and seniors to enhance safety at home. With the increasing number of seniors living independently, these systems provide immediate support during emergencies, mitigating the consequences of falls on health and independence. By prioritizing the adoption of fall alert systems, caregivers ensure the safety of their loved ones while enabling seniors to maintain autonomy. Thus, investing in these systems is crucial for both caregivers and seniors to address safety concerns proactively. 

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