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Practise Positive Affirmations for Better Mental Health

by | Feb 16, 2024 | Community, Mental Wellness

“I have the power to create change”, “I am resilient and capable of overcoming challenges” are examples of positive affirmative statements that can allow one to be more optimistic in whatever they undertake. Never underestimate the power of practising positive affirmations in our daily lives – if done correctly, one can lead a happier, more fulfilled and less stressful life. 

Mental health has been all the buzz and we are heartened to see more efforts to make mental health less of a taboo topic. For both caregivers and the care recipients, it is important to prioritise your mental health and perhaps start by learning about positive affirmations and how to practise them!


What are positive affirmations

When it comes to bettering our mental health, the words we inculcate in our minds have the power to become positive reinforcements. Knowingly or unknowingly, when we “convince” our minds to believe in a positive outcome, our outlook and mood can gradually be lifted. 

Positive affirmations are buoyant and confident statements or phrases one repeats and inculcates in the mind to eventually foster a positive mindset. These affirmations can be about a variety of things – from self-improvement, personal goals or simply going through a tough period. 

Caught up in the hustle and bustle of working and caregiving, one might sometimes find themselves stressed out and this breeds negativity. If not tackled head on, this might manifest into more serious mental health conditions. 


Benefits of practising positive affirmations

Positive affirmations can help with a mindset shift and create more positive inner dialogue. Practised consistently, positive affirmations can help in shaping a more positive outlook on many things and trickle down effects would be that of bolstering one’s self-esteem and improving mental health. On the personal and professional goals front, it can give us new insights as to how to best reach these goals without compromising on mental health.


How to start practising positive affirmations 

When you use affirmations, you’re telling yourself that despite whatever life throws you, you are strong enough to overcome it. Affirming yourself positively is an important part of self-care so here are tips on how you can start effectively practising positive affirmations.

For a start, learn how to choose an affirmation. Make it personal – affirmations that work for others might not necessarily work for you based on differing life experiences. Also based on what situation one is in, it is key to choose an affirmation that is closely aligned with your values and belief system. If you are facing a situation where you are burnt out from caregiving, something you could try telling yourself is “I am deserving of rest and relaxation to recharge my mind and body”. This can better help foster a sense of ownership of practising these affirmations.

Secondly, the frequency of which you practise these affirmations are also equally important. By frequently and consistently practising positive affirmations, these positive talks have the power to help us overcome tough situations as our mind instinctively veers towards these encouraging thoughts. It’s also important to be consistent with your affirmations – try to do them at the same time each day.

Thirdly, choice of words plays a great role here. Make a conscious effort to choose positive language which focuses on the power of you. “I am capable” or “I trust the journey. Also, keep these affirmations simple – we don’t wish to end up in a situation where we have a really long affirmation which we have difficulties recalling in times when we really need them. 

Lastly, explore writing down these affirmations. Other than verbally reciting them, or even just saying it in your head, journaling these affirmations down could also be an amazing way to practise positive affirmations. 



We hope that learning how to best incorporate positive affirmations into your daily life can be a tool for empowerment and also a timely reminder that you are never alone. Always reach out if you need help and this would go a long way in boosting mental health and well-being. 

About Growing Needs

About Growing Needs

Growing Needs grew out of our own encounters with caring for our aging parents and reflecting on the Growing Needs that we ourselves would face as we advance in years. We hope to build a community that will learn, share and contribute towards caring for the growing needs of our loved ones.

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