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Podcasts For Seniors In Singapore

by | Mar 15, 2024 | Digital & Technology, Services

Listening to a podcast can be much more than just pure entertainment, they can also kill some time, provide mental simulation and provide opportunities for learning. As one ages, some might get increasingly hard of sight and watching the television daily could become boring and straining on the eyes. Podcasts are an alternative form of entertainment that can allow older adults to discover new interests, reduce loneliness and stay engaged. 

Here, we shortlist our favourite podcasts for seniors in Singapore!

Heart of the Matter

In this podcast, newsmakers and experts from Channel News Asia (CNA) give us their take on some of the most talked about news developments with deep dives that provide more insights into the salient news developments. This podcast series might pique the interest of seniors who are interested in current affairs and would like to learn more about a particular headline. 

Some of the topics which are relevant and close to our hearts include “Do high cost of living concerns affect everyone the same way” and “Bank outages – are there gaps in the system”. 

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Health Check

Every first and third Wednesday of the month, The Straits Times helps you make sense of health matters that affect you. With almost 100 episodes featuring top experts covering how to deal with mental health challenges, this is a great avenue for seniors and caregivers alike to learn from others. This podcast is catered towards those who want to hear more about experts sharing about various aspects of physical and mental health. 

These podcast episodes also prompts food for thought such as “What are the stories you want to tell with your life”. This can spark reflection on past events that happened in one’s lives and reminisce the good times in the process. 

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The Financial Coconut

For seniors who want to improve their financial literacy, The financial coconut podcast aims to inspire and empower one to make smarter financial decisions that will grow wealth.

Their content is catered towards both the finance novice and seasoned investor, empowering their listeners with insights and experiences. The podcast content covers personal finance, investment and the stock market, career and retirement.

An episode which might be of interest to seniors is the one on growing the Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) fund without being taxed. It delves into the complexities of income tax and GST in Singapore, highlighting the benefits of our compact tax structure.

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Perfectly Imperfect Health

As the name suggests, perfectly imperfect health understands that everyone has different concerns and in this context, health concerns that plague them. Tune in to the podcast as they are joined by experts from Singapore General Hospital to discuss how one can protect their physical and mental well-being.

This podcast features a variety of content from mental health to dos and don’ts when it comes to medication, content that would be helpful for seniors. 

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Mindful Dialogues

In this podcast by the Institute of Mental Health, they discuss mental health issues closest to the hearts of people of Singapore. 

Through their content, they aim to raise awareness on the commonly known mental conditions and reduce the associated stigma. They also provide tips on when to seek help from a professional and coping mechanisms in the recovery process 

For seniors, mental health is becoming less and less of a stigma due to initiatives as such but we need to keep in mind that it’s always a work in progress. There would be those who fall through the gaps and not know how to seek help. This would be a great avenue to spark important conversations on mental health, lend support to those in recovery and empower listeners to make positive changes in life.

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Through real stories and discussions, tuning in to podcasts could be an alternative form of relaxation and education, especially for seniors who are hard of sight. Depending on what content one is looking for, there are a myriad of options and platforms out there. We hope you find something here that piques your interest!

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About Growing Needs

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