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Navigating the Golden Years: Transport Solutions for Seniors in Singapore

by | Aug 16, 2023 | Lifestyle & Wellness, Lifestyle habits

Singapore, renowned for its modernity in Southeast Asia, boasts an efficient transportation system that caters to the needs of all individuals, including older people with limited mobility. Caregivers responsible for older adults facing mobility challenges often struggle to find suitable and comfortable transport services. However, this is fine in Singapore. Regardless of the patient’s physical limitations, you can easily find appropriate transportation services for the elderly in Singapore. There is no need to fret about missing medical appointments.


If you are a caregiver looking for transportation options in Singapore for patients with health conditions and mobility issues, here are some things to consider. For bed-bound patients who need transportation to medical appointments, rehabilitation sessions, or hospital transfers, it is recommended to use private ambulances. Contact Medilink Healthcare Group at 65 6909 3202 for their private ambulance services. Another option is Speedoc Ambulance, which can be reached at 65 6909 7799 or through the Speedoc App on Google Play. Additionally, you can contact Ambulance Service at 65 6281 8111 or 65 6206 1188.


You can contact Hope Ambulance Road Ambulance at 65 6100 1911 or International Assistance Air Ambulance at 65 6100 2922. For Raffles Medical Group Ambulance, dial 65 6311 1555. To download the Raffles Connect app, visit Google Play or the Apple Store.


In Singapore, private ambulances offer more than just emergency support during travel. They can also transport individuals with limited mobility, allowing them to go to a hospital without worries. Private ambulances not only provide transportation for elderly care recipients and their caregivers or medical escorts but they are also equipped with safety features and offer services without any time limitations. If you’re wondering why you can’t use an ambulance or any government-provided vehicle, Singapore’s national ambulance service is dedicated to providing emergency medical care for urgent cases only. The highly skilled paramedics and specialized tools of the Singapore Civil Defence Force are reserved for these critical situations.


Suppose you require transportation suitable for wheelchair patients. In that case, you have two options: wheelchair-accessible taxis or cabs and wheelchair-friendly buses or other public modes of transportation that are accessible for wheelchairs. For wheelchair patients, transport services are available, such as the Wheel-Chair Accessible Taxi (WAT) Maxi Cab. You can contact them at 65 8333 6006 or use the GrabAssist feature on the Grab app. Public transport services like trains and buses are also available in Singapore. The Land Transport Authority has also released a transport network plan specifically for older people, which you can find more information about in the notice from MOH. If you require transportation to specialist outpatient clinics or Singapore hospitals and cannot book a private ambulance, the Wheel-Chair Accessible Taxi is a suitable option.


You must download the app and specify your starting point and destination to utilize the transportation service. Finally, select the Grab Assist option. The accessibility of Singapore’s public transportation system has been getting better for individuals with mobility impairments. Those who use wheelchairs can easily navigate the MRT due to its pathways and restrooms that are free of barriers. Additionally, designated points now have ramps installed for wheelchair users. More than half of the buses in the country are equipped with ramps, making them accessible for wheelchair users. Furthermore, approximately 95 percent of bus stops in Singapore are barrier-free. You can easily navigate Singapore using the MRT, which offers fast and convenient transportation. 


With your knowledge of public and private transport services, you no longer need to worry about your elderly loved one missing their medical appointments or being unable to find transportation to the hospital. Unless you don’t have a full-time caregiver and your job takes up most of your time. If that’s the case, consider Singapore’s top medical escort service. These medical escorts, nurses, or certified care assistants provide a qualified service by accompanying your loved one during medical appointments and hospital visits. They can also handle booking transportation for the patient. These medical escorts will ensure your loved one is safely transported from home to the hospital.

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