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How you can be a pillar for those around you -Events & Activities for Caregivers & Seniors!

by | Sep 4, 2023 | Resources

Singapore’s population is rapidly aging, and before we know it, the responsibility of taking care of our parents will soon fall on our shoulders. It sounds daunting at first. Many people in Singapore are now in some form of employment, meaning that the luxury of time for caretaking is not there for most. Nor is the time to be able to fully understand and learn the different skills needed. However, there are events being held by caregiver organizations that can help provide some insight into how things work.

A major concern amongst people in Singapore is that of heart disease, and the Singapore Heart Foundation has identified it as a leading cause of death in Singapore. Fortunately, National University Hospital (NUH) will be holding several events aimed at educating the public about heart disease as well as share useful information regarding symptoms of heart disease and what to do when they show up. This includes webinars on irregular heartbeats, heart disease in females as well as on heart failure. Speaking of NUH, they will also be hosting a webinar on skin cancer, which I believe will also be useful for those who may have relatives suffering from the disease.

On another note, with the elderly comes mentions of possible death, and it is a reality that may befall some caregivers who may not be prepared to deal with it. Fortunately, there are exhibitions being put up by the Singapore Hospice Council at Bedok Public and Jurong Regional Libraries that are aimed at raising awareness on palliative and end-of-life care. These will hopefully help provide some insights into caregiving under the most hopeless circumstances.

Of course, the list is not exhaustive, and other caregiving and medical associations in Singapore (such as the Singapore National Stroke Association and the National University Hospital) may also organize or announce their own events in the coming weeks. Do keep a lookout for those that may be of relevance to you!

Date Event Name Host of Event Location Timing Remarks
8-Sep Journey On : Open to all caregivers who have experienced grief and loss Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations 82 Redhill Lane, #01-69 1430-1630 hrs For Caregivers who have experienced grief and loss


15-Sep Lunchtime Webinar: Trials and Fibrillations of an Irregular Heartbeat National University Hospital Webinar 1300-1200 hrs
16-Sep Skin Cancer Awareness Public Forum – Skin Cancer 101 National University Hospital Webinar 1000-1200 hrs For Public, Patients, Caregivers
22-Sep Lunchtime Webinar: Heart Disease in Women: What Makes Us Different? National University Hospital Webinar 1300-1400 hrs Heart Failure for Women
29-Sep Lunchtime Webinar: “What Is Heart Failure and What To Do if I Have It?” National University Hospital Webinar 1300-1400 hrs Sharing on Heart Failure
31-Oct SHC@Bedok Public Library Singapore Hospice Council Bedok Public Library 1000 hrs (1 Sep) – 2100 hrs (31 Oct) Exhibition (Learn about end-of-life matters)
28-Dec SHC@Jurong Regional Library Singapore Hospice Council Jurong Regional Library 1000 hrs (1 Nov) – 2100 hrs (28 Dec) Exhibition (Learn about end-of-life matters)
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About Growing Needs

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