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Guiding Recovery: Providing Support and Care After a Stroke

by | Dec 11, 2023 | Healthcare & Rehabilitation

Following a stroke, it is essential to prioritize rehabilitation in order to minimize complications and maximize recovery. Stroke survivors often have questions about where to receive rehabilitation and what additional support is available. Fortunately, there are numerous resources and options accessible for stroke rehabilitation. 

One option is to consider a specialized stroke rehabilitation center or unit, which offers comprehensive care tailored specifically to stroke survivors by a team of dedicated professionals. These centers provide various therapy programs including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Another possibility is to choose inpatient rehabilitation at a hospital that specializes in stroke care.

Post-stroke care offers two distinct pathways. One is outpatient rehabilitation, which involves returning home after leaving the hospital and attending therapy sessions at a rehab center several times per week. 

The other pathway is inpatient rehabilitation, where you are transferred to a specialized rehabilitation unit or community hospital for continuous inpatient stay, receiving daily therapy sessions as well as ongoing medical and nursing care.

We understand that the road to recovery for stroke survivors and their caregivers is challenging. Here are some resources you can access. Alternatively, feel free to seek guidance from a medical social worker at the hospital or polyclinic for further assistance.


Community Care Services

AIC aspires to establish a lively care community that empowers individuals to lead fulfilling lives and gracefully embrace the aging journey. By spearheading coordination and facilitation efforts in care integration, AIC strives to achieve exceptional care outcomes for our valued clients.

SG Enable is a specialized organization committed to empowering individuals with disabilities.

FSCs, referring to Family Service Centres, are established within the community to offer assistance and support to individuals and families facing challenges. These centers are operated by professionals in the field of social services.


Financial Assistance

The Social Service Offices (SSOs) offer ComCare assistance to low-income individuals and families in need of social support. The Community Care Endowment Fund (ComCare Fund) provides the necessary funding for ComCare programmes.


Social Enterprise Agencies

The Singapore National Stroke Association (SNSA) strives to create a space where stroke survivors and their caregivers can seek aid, find solace, and acquire essential knowledge when they require it the most.

Visit the Singapore National Stroke Association website at or contact the hotline at 65 6473 3500. Alternatively, you can reach out to the Singapore National Stroke Association via email at Established in 2015, S3 is Singapore’s pioneering agency committed to addressing the specific needs of stroke survivors and their caregivers across the nation. 

Through a holistic approach that merges cutting-edge rehabilitative technologies with traditional therapy methods, the Singapore National Stroke Association offer post-discharge survivors an all-encompassing care experience. The Singapore National Stroke Association’s highly acclaimed S3 Wellness program focuses on enhancing cognitive and psychosocial development to optimize recovery potential, independence, and successful reintegration into society. 

Collaborating closely with various partner, the Singapore National Stroke Association strives to raise awareness about stroke prevention within the wider community by mobilizing stroke survivors along with their families, volunteers, and advocates alike

Right after experiencing a stroke, it is essential to initiate stroke therapy 

Incorporating stroke physiotherapy into the treatment process will provide valuable assistance in enhancing motor skills and overall physical abilities following a stroke. 

Furthermore, the comprehensive approach of stroke rehabilitation plays a vital role in reacquiring lost functions and skills. The Singapore National Stroke Association’s occupational therapists specialize in teaching individuals how to effectively utilize mobility devices such as wheelchairs or walking canes for their daily activities through occupational therapy sessions. 

Lastly, focusing on exercises targeting facial, oral and throat muscles, speech therapists offer specialized care aimed at improving swallowing abilities for your loved one after experiencing a stroke.

By incorporating physiotherapy specifically designed for strokes, your loved one will receive invaluable support in terms of exercising and improving their motor skills as well as their physical strength subsequent to experiencing a stroke.

Moreover, rehabilitation following a stroke plays an instrumental role in the process of relearning lost functions and skills that were affected by the event. Occupational therapy serves as an excellent resource by providing expert guidance from occupational therapists on how best to utilize assistive devices such as wheelchairs or walking canes during daily activities.

Last but not least, speech therapy tailored for strokes concentrates on engaging the facial muscles, oral structures, and throat muscles with the aim of facilitating improvement in swallowing abilities.

Following a stroke, it is possible that your loved one may necessitate support during their recuperation period while you attend to your work commitments. At Senior Day Care, their Day Rehabilitation services offer invaluable assistance tailored specifically for individuals who have encountered a mild stroke.

The presence of diligent nurses significantly diminishes the occurrence of falls resulting from partial paralysis after a stroke. These skilled professionals adeptly guide and safeguard patients as they move about safely, ensuring they receive proper aid with daily activities like using the restroom and adhering to medication schedules.

The nurses actively contribute towards reducing the likelihood of subsequent strokes or any complications arising from post-stroke conditions by encouraging regular exercise routines. Furthermore, Senior Day Care also provides an array of enjoyable social activities for your loved one’s engagement and fulfillment.

At Nursing Homes, a form of alternative treatment option to care for seniors

afflicted with strokes, nursing staff understand the challenges faced by individuals who have experienced a life-altering stroke. That’s why nursing homes offer round-the-clock specialized care in a nurturing environment. 

The nursing homes’ skilled nursing team is proficient in providing essential post-stroke procedures like stoma care, feeding tube changes, and wound dressing after surgery. Moreover, the nursing homes go beyond just physical care by offering stimulating activities that promote mental well-being and intensive physiotherapy sessions aimed at improving functional abilities.

In the hands of nursing homes, one can be confident that symptom management and nutritional needs are given utmost attention for your loved one’s overall well-being.

Singapore offers a range of options for treating stroke patients, with specialized hospitals and clinics that provide comprehensive care and state-of-the-art facilities. It is vital for individuals to be aware of these options and seek immediate medical attention in case of any stroke symptoms. By choosing the right facility, patients can greatly enhance their chances of successful treatment and improved quality of life after a stroke.

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