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Fresh and Fast: Wholesale Seafood E-Commerce in Singapore

by | Dec 22, 2023 | Food & Nutrition, Lifestyle & Wellness

You might have come across people saying that seafood is not beneficial for older persons due to cholesterol concerns or the risk of infections from raw food consumption. However, seafood has one of the most amazing health benefits for older persons if consumed in moderation and prepared safely. 

Seafood contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals such as omega-3 fatty acids. Shrimp contains magnesium and calcium phosphorus, both of which are important in the treatment of degenerative bone and joint disorders such as osteoporosis and arthritis. Salmon contains a high amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, which have been linked to lower risks of Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Doorstep delivery is particularly beneficial for seniors who may have limited mobility or cognitive impairments. Here, we shortlist the top seafood delivery services for your next nutritious meal: 


Vitamin Seafood

Source: Vitamin Seafood

Seafood for all your needs – from BBQ parties to your next steamboat reunion, Vitamin Seafood got you covered with free delivery islandwide for orders above S$80. For orders below S$80, a delivery fee of S$15 applies. Like many seafood ecommerce suppliers in Singapore, Vitamin Seafood started out from traditional wet markets and ventured online to reach more people. 

They provide fresh, premium-quality seafood alongside a seafood concierge service, where you can have your seafood orders customised. The following can be done upon request – butterfly your fish / cut the whole fish into steaks/fillets and even cutting into smaller portions for babies.


The seafood marketplace by Song Fish

Source: The seafood marketplace by Song Fish

You might have came across The Seafood Marketplace in some of the malls across the island. Their seafood products are immediately frozen within hours of harvest to bring a “fresh-caught” flavor to customers. Their commitment to bringing the freshest seafood to their customers at competitive prices sure makes them a crowd favorite. They offer free delivery with purchases over S$100 or free pickup at any of their retail outlets. 


Guang’s Fresh Mart

Source: Guang’s Fresh Mart

Starting from a store in Geylang Serai wet market, Guang Fresh Mart now offers online delivery services. What we like about them is their wide selection of seafood on top of offering halal beef, mutton and chicken options. Their fresh seafood comes directly from Senoko Port daily and in a bid to bring their seafood offerings to more people, one can also make a purchase on Grab Mart. With no minimum order required for delivery, they charge only a standardised island wide delivery fee of S$8. 



Source: Fisk

With so many online seafood retailers in Singapore, how does Fisk differentiate itself? They are known for cold water seafood such as salmon, cod fish and also sashimi. Of course they also have a good mix of seafood options sourced from Asia so that everyone can find something that suits their palette. They offer free doorstep delivery for orders above S$100. 

Customers have sung praises on the online purchasing experience – one that is user friendly and fuss free. Banking on these positive customer experiences, they have a referral reward where one would receive a S$10 coupon every time a new friend has made a first purchase from your coupon or referral URL.


9s Seafood

Source: 9s Seafood

Where fresh begins – 9s is a 3rd generation business with more than 60 years of history. Starting out from a roadside stall in Chinatown, they have since expanded their business to become a trusted frozen seafood supplier. 9s sounds like “nice” and that is what 9s hopes to bring to their customers. Simply use code 9SNEW to get 9% off your first order with them! 

There is free delivery for all orders above S$70, else a S$10 delivery fee will apply. Self-collection is also available! To make it even more accessible, customers can also order through Shopee and Lazada



Source: Fassler

Fassler Gourmet’s products include a wide range of smoked and specialty seafood, premium soups and sauces. Fassler Gourmet is dedicated to the sustainability of the seafood industry. Their mission is to contribute to and support safe and healthy food from the world’s oceans by sourcing from certified sustainable sources for responsible fish and farming.

Customers would be rewarded for shopping where every 300 FASS points earned entitles one to a S$5 coupon at checkout. If it’s your first purchase, get 10% off with a minimum spend of S$60 with promo code FIRST10. They offer free delivery for orders over S$100, else a S$15 fee applies. 


Tankfully Fresh

Source: Tankfully Fresh

TankFully Fresh is an online seafood supply retailer kick-started by Sin Chwee Mini Mart, specialising in fresh and frozen seafood. To cater to the changing needs of consumers who value convenience, they aim to provide optimal convenience and the freshest seafood to your doorstep, islandwide. 

For orders S$60 and above, one is entitled to free delivery, else a S$8 delivery charge applies.




Established in 1980, TANSOFRESH was founded by Mr & Mrs Tan selling freshly handpicked fishes in their wet market store located at Chong Pang City Market. Today, they are a B2B and a B2C business, providing quality seafood at an affordable price. 

If you’re wondering how the name TANSOFRESH (aka Tans of Fresh) came about, it is by combining the family’s surname “Tan” with tons of freshness.

Use code TSFNew to enjoy 10% off your first order and note that there is no minimum order and they provide free delivery over S$58. 



With the myriad of touted health benefits for older persons, seafood delivery makes it all the more accessible to get seafood incorporated as part of one’s diet. For older persons who have mobility issues or caregivers who enjoy the convenience of home delivery, do consider these seafood delivery picks!

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