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Fighting Back COVID: How Seniors Can Protect Against Another COVID Wave

by | Oct 13, 2023 | Lifestyle & Wellness, Wellness

On 7 October, Singapore’s Health Minister Ong Ye Kung reported that Singapore is experiencing a new COVID-19 wave. It is estimated that more people are expected to fall sick in the coming weeks. Therefore, seniors and the medically vulnerable should take the necessary precautions, including wearing masks in crowded areas. Read on to see what further steps can be taken to protect yourselves these coming weeks.


Reschedule Non-Emergency Hospital Visits

Seniors should postpone unnecessary doctor visits to minimise the risk of COVID-19 infections. Hospitals and clinics are high-risk areas where infection breeds, thus if there are any upcoming medical appointments, procedures or non-essential doctor visits, do speak with your caregiver to reschedule them.


Keep Up With Your Vaccinations 

Seniors and those who are medically vulnerable should keep their vaccinations current. Failure to do so may result in worse symptoms and delay their recovery if they get infected during this new COVID wave. That is why MOH offers COVID-19 vaccinations for free at their vaccination centres. Click here to find out the nearest vaccination centre near you.


Postpone Your Travelling Plans 

Though it is the holiday season when everyone is flying off on their vacations, seniors should avoid non-essential travel, particularly cruises or trips with itineraries that would expose them to crowds. Many seniors, especially those with chronic illness, have essential relationships with their caregivers. To ensure seniors maintain their social interactions, caregivers can spend more time with seniors to avoid feelings of isolation and loneliness.


Create A Contingency Plan

Seniors should work with their caregivers and discuss contingency plans in the event of retracting an infection. By planning ahead and being prepared for any emergency doctor visits, medical requirements reduce the stress on seniors and their caregivers. Seniors should also have an emergency contact whom they can rely on to them if they become ill. In the event of a sudden infection, seniors should pre-plan and stock up on their necessities. Non-perishable items are recommended as they have a long shell life. For more ideas on what you should stock up on, click here to find out more. Seniors on medications should keep at least one to three months of medications on hand to last them through any emergencies.


Amidst the current wave of COVID-19 in Singapore, prioritising the health of seniors and the medically vulnerable remains crucial. Witnessing the devastating impact COVID had on our seniors and the vulnerable in 2021, we need to remind everyone on the importance of mitigating risks and ensuring our senior’s well-being. Through small changes of rescheduling non-essential hospital visits, staying up-to-date with vaccinations, refraining from non-essential travel, and crafting contingency plans, we are one step closer to protecting our seniors. 

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About Growing Needs

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