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Mini-Adventures: Exploring Singapore’s Minimarts for Big Surprises!

by | Aug 28, 2023 | Food & Nutrition, Lifestyle & Wellness

The minimart industry in Singapore has transformed to fulfill Singaporeans’ regular grocery shopping needs. It has become a norm for most people to directly visit popular mass supermarket chains like Cold Storage, Fair Price, or Sheng Siong. The reason behind this preference is quite simple: these major players have established their presence nationwide. They have expanded into areas previously dominated by minimarts in Housing Board Estates. For instance, Sheng Siong stores are now widely situated in the void decks of Housing and Development Board Flats. Fair Price has also introduced the Fair Price Shop, specifically targeting budget-conscious shoppers, and these shops can be found in well-established housing estates. The gradual rise of these supermarket chains has been warmly embraced and has had a long-lasting impact.


Wang Wang Minimart

Wang Wang Mini Mart is a local store that focuses on serving its community by offering great deals. They are dedicated to providing their customers with the best prices and have recently expanded their services to include online shopping for a convenient and hassle-free experience. Their product range includes popular items such as Meiji Apollo Chocolate, LJMX Sarawak Kolo Mee, Marigold Sweetened Creamer, Everyday Premium Goats Milk Bath with Chamomile, and Yeo’s Coconut Water. In general, Wang Wang Minimart aims to create a positive shopping experience for all its customers.

You can take advantage of a $10 discount on each carton of beer purchased online by using the coupon code beer10. This coupon code can be used unlimited times until the end of October. Additionally, CDC vouchers are accepted as a form of payment.


New Econ

New Econ Group has 18 outlets strategically located in central Singapore, serving as convenient hubs to minimize the need for large gatherings. Especially during the pandemic, these outlets provide a safe and pleasant environment for residents. 

We currently have a buy-one-get-one promotion available. Take advantage of our special opening deals! Limited stock is available.

We look forward to seeing you there! Take advantage of our Buy One Get One offer or our Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal! We also accept CDC vouchers for payment.


Thai Supermarket 

The physical store is at 12 Kallang Avenue, Mall, 01-20 Aperia, 339511. They strive to match prices with the physical store, although there might be variations in prices for specific products.

Additionally, they provide group buying options. You can redeem discount codes during checkout in the designated Enter Coupon Here section. CDC vouchers are also accepted.


Ace Mini Mart

Ace Minimart is committed to providing affordable groceries and household items. They also offer convenient doorstep delivery services. Their product selection includes frozen foods, spices, dry goods, and sauces. The store is friendly and inviting, offering discounts during festive occasions. 

Additionally, customers can use CDC vouchers at Ace Minimart.



Indostop Singapore is the ultimate destination in Singapore for Indonesian groceries. They have a wide selection of exciting Indonesian products available. With just a few clicks, you can enjoy the convenience of shopping at their partnered grocery stores, RedMart and NTUC FairPrice. They take pride in offering a diverse range of well-known and beloved Indonesian brands. Their products include instant noodles, canned food, diapers, spices, and fruit juices. The atmosphere is friendly and focuses on providing customer satisfaction and convenience. 

Take advantage of our special offers! Limited stock is available! Take advantage of the Teh Pucuk 350ml Promo: buy two in-store and get one free, or purchase a carton for $16 on Shopee. CDC vouchers can also be used.


Hao Mart

HAO Mart, a subsidiary of HAO Corp, is a rapidly expanding chain of convenience stores and supermarkets in Singapore. Despite being a newcomer in the market, HAO mart has successfully established 45 outlets within just three years. Their product range includes Bottled Water, Cake, Oreos, Potato Chips, and cornflakes. This remarkable growth reflects the promising future of HAO mart in the industry. 

Senior Citizens can enjoy a three-day discount from Monday to Thursday at all HAO stores across the island. Terms and conditions apply, including valid ID verification for all Singapore Citizens and PR aged 60 years and above. The discount does not apply to certain items such as mobile top-up cards, phone cards, NPN purchases, newspapers, tobacco products, rice, milk powder, beer/wine/liquor, and promotional items.

CDC vouchers may be used for payment.


Teo Chuan Kee Minimart

Since 1929, Teo Chuan Kee Minimart, a family-owned grocery retailer, has been catering to heartland communities. They initially operated out of a small zinc-roofed store called Thomson and later relocated to Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 in the 1980s. Their product range includes popular items like Milo, instant noodles, Baking Flour, Campbell’s Canned Soup, and Fragrant Rice. 

They also offer discounts on everyday necessities and accept CDC vouchers as payment.

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