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Dengue On The Rise? Spot The Signs & Prevent Dengue Fever!

by | Apr 12, 2024 | Community, Resources

The National Environment Agency (NEA) is emphasizing the need for urgent measures to control the spread of Aedes mosquitoes as the number of dengue cases continues in 2024. As of February 14, Singapore has recorded more than 2,600 cases of dengue, with weekly cases remaining notably elevated, including 515 cases reported in the week ending February 10.

The Aedes mosquito, distinguished by its characteristic black and white stripes, is the carrier of the viruses responsible for dengue fever, chikungunya, and Zika. Given that these diseases are transmitted through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito, it is imperative to prevent their breeding. Aedes mosquitoes commonly breed in clean, stagnant water, often found in domestic settings. Learn more about effective strategies to prevent Aedes mosquito breeding in your household.


5-Step Mozzie Wipeout

Employ the NEA-recommended Mozzie Wipeout method at least once a week to halt mosquito breeding. Remember to:

   – Break up hardened soil in potted plants

   – Lift and empty flowerpot plates

   – Overturn pails and wipe their rims

   – Change water in vases

   – Keep roof gutters clear and use BTI insecticide


Additional Precautions

Beyond the Mozzie Wipeout, implement these measures:

  1. Daily: Check for water accumulation on dish drying rack trays, use insecticide sprays in dark corners, and turn over empty water storage containers.
  2. Alternate Days: Change water in vases/bowls and remove water from flower/plant pot plates.
  3. Weekly: Address water ponding under kitchen sink/bathroom basin, clear fallen leaves and stagnant water in drains and garden, and eliminate stagnant water in air cooler units.
  4. Monthly: Clear roof gutters of debris and use sand granular insecticide in gully traps and gutters.


Understanding Dengue Alert System

To protect yourself and your family from dengue fever and severe dengue, you should familiarise yourself with NEA’s dengue colour-coded alert system. This system uses colour-coded banners (yellow, red, or green) to indicate an active dengue cluster and the preventive measures residents can take.

  1. Alert Red: More than 10 cases in your neighbourhood. Precautions to take: Do the mozzie wipe-out every alternate day; apply repellent and keep your arms and legs covered; spray insecticide in dark corners in your home.
  2. Alert Yellow: Less than 10 cases in your neighbourhood. Precautions to take: Do the mozzie wipeout once a week; apply repellent and cover your arms and legs; spray insecticide in dark corners in your home.
  3. Alert Green: Remain vigilant. Precautions to take​: Do the mozzie wipe-out once a week; spray insecticide in dark corners in your home. 


Stay Informed On The Dengue Situation In Singapore

Visit the NEA website for the latest dengue information, including prevention methods and areas with higher Aedes aegypti mosquito populations. Furthermore, residents can utilise the NEA Map showing areas with relatively higher Aedes aegypti mosquito populations and learn how to reduce mosquito populations in these areas. Download the myENV app to receive notifications about areas with higher Aedes aegypti mosquito populations.

For Iphone users click here: 

For Android users click here: 


Safeguard yourself and your loved ones from mosquito-borne illnesses by proactively preventing mosquito breeding and staying updated on the dengue risk levels in your vicinity. Remember that everyone can play a part in preventing Dengue!

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