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Choosing the Perfect Nursing Home: Top Factors to Consider for Your Loved Ones

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Caregivers Concern, Caregiving

Channel News Asia recently aired a program that offered a glimpse into the nursing home scene in Singapore. To gain first-hand experience, they dispatched one of their reporters to reside in a nursing home for a fortnight. The findings concluded that residing in a nursing home in Singapore can be pretty disheartening. While we won’t delve into the specifics of Singapore’s nursing home model, we must brace ourselves for what lies ahead and familiarize ourselves with the situation, given Singapore’s rapidly aging population. If you need to select a nursing home for your parents, here are several pivotal factors to consider before making that decision.


Choosing the right nursing home is critical for your or your loved one’s well-being. Several factors should be taken into consideration. Firstly, assess the facility’s staff qualifications and ratios, ensuring they have sufficient personnel to care for all residents. Review the facility’s ratings on healthcare inspection websites and speak with residents’ families.


Another crucial factor to look for is the range of services offered by the nursing home. From medical care to rehabilitation programs, the facility must provide comprehensive support tailored to individual needs. Safety measures must also be thoroughly examined, including emergency preparedness plans and easy accessibility to medical assistance. Moreover, inquire about social activities and entertainment options in the nursing home – an engaging daily routine can significantly impact the quality of life.


Contact potential nursing homes in person, engaging with staff members and residents. This lets you understand their attitude towards residents’ care and whether they promote a compassionate atmosphere. Lastly, financial considerations are not to be overlooked; ensure that costs are transparently communicated upfront, including any additional expenses that may arise during residency.


By considering these top factors diligently when choosing a nursing home, you can make an informed decision prioritizing comfort and quality of life for yourself or your loved one in their new living arrangement.


The level of care needed by older people varies depending on their needs. This care can be categorized into inpatient care, home care services, and daycare. Nursing homes are typically for individuals who cannot care for themselves or receive adequate care at home. For example, if they are a wheelchair user, bedridden, or lack the mental capacity to perform basic self-care tasks like feeding themselves, a nursing home is the appropriate choice. However, a nursing home may not be necessary if someone is available to provide care at home most days. In cases where temporary assistance is required, respite care offers a temporary nursing service.


Nursing care is expensive due to the need for full-time staff and accommodations. A report on nursing home care in Singapore states that the average daily cost per patient is $106, totaling $3,180 per month. Cost is not the only factor that varies among nursing homes; the type of care and subsidies available also differ. Public nursing homes offer government subsidies for households with a monthly per capita income below $2,600. If cost is a concern, public nursing homes are recommended. There are limited options for reducing this expense, but using rewards credit cards may provide some savings.


Choosing a nursing home near your residence or workplace is crucial to maintain regular visits and show your love and care for your parents. While it may be tempting to opt for cheaper options in foreign countries, it is essential to consider the potential challenges and delays in case of emergencies.


The nursing care model in Singapore prioritizes medical aspects rather than a facilitative approach. However, there are still subtle variations between different nursing homes. For example, ECON Nursing Home offers recreational activities and exercise programs like mah-jong and karaoke sessions to foster social interaction and friendship among their elderly residents. Although it may be slightly pricier compared to other nursing homes, the choice ultimately depends on the desired environment for one’s parents. Is it preferable for them to be confined to their beds and adhere to a set schedule without the freedom to move around? Additional differences between nursing homes are religious beliefs and medical approaches.

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