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Revitalising Healthspan: Alexandra Hospital’s Innovative Longevity Clinic Pioneers a Healthier Future for Singaporeans

by | Sep 27, 2023 | Lifestyle & Wellness, Wellness

The Healthy Longevity Clinic is the world’s first clinic that works together with a public hospital. Located at Alexandra Hospital, the newly opened clinic aims to decrease Singapore’s mortality rate. The clinic is also undergoing its research and developmental process to develop drugs that could slow the process of dementia in patients. ​The Healthy Longevity Clinic is open to individuals who are over 35 years old with no chronic disease or are between 35 to 70 years old with one stable chronic disease

What does the clinic offer?

Consultations, test and healthcare plans are offered ranging from S$1,500 to S$4,000 depending on your treatment. Specialised doctors will conduct individual and specifically tailored investigations via blood test, epigenetics and even our gut microbiota. Following this, the clinic’s highly skilled healthcare team will analyse the patient’s health data, evaluate the patient’s body condition and curate a specific health plan for their treatment. However do take note that this clinical service is not part of the MOH Chronic Disease Management Programme. The cost for the clinic services are charged at private rates and are not applicable for Medisave, Government subsidies and financial aids such as CHAS, Merdeka, Pioneer Generation etc.

The Healthy Longevity Clinic starts patient’s health screening for ages 35 and above to prevent the onset of age-related diseases. Patient’s assessment will be performed every 6 to 12 months. 

Listed below are some of the available tests offered:

1.​Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA)

A method for estimating body composition, in particular body fat and muscle mass, where a weak electric current flows through the body and the voltage is measured in order to calculate impedance (resistance and reactance) of the body.

2. Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET)

It provides a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s physiological performance in response to exercise. It measures the heart, lungs, circulation and musculoskeletal systems when exercising. One will be asked to run on a treadmill or cycle on a stationary bicycle, while fitted with a face mask and a heart-rate monitor. During exercise, vital signs will be monitored at regular intervals.

3. Carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity (PWV) / Arterial Stiffness

The individual will lie on an exam bed for 15 minutes to measure blood vessel age. Next, a cuff will measure blood pressure, around the arm followed by the thigh. We will then measure neck-to-thigh distance with a tape. This distance will inform us how fast the pulse travels in the major blood vessels, which is related to how stiff the vessels are. A probe will then be gently placed on the neck to detect the pulse.

4. ​Skin autofluorescence test / Skin AGE

The AGE Reader is a non-invasive device that uses ultra-violet (UV) light to excite autofluorescence in human skin tissue. By measuring the level of Advanced Glycation End products in our skin tissue, we can estimate our biological age.

5. ​BMD full body scan

Body composition analysis is essential for assessing nutritional status. Diagnostic imaging is increasingly vital for accurately measuring lean body mass and fat mass. These measurements help evaluate nutritional interventions, track ageing and chronic diseases. Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) is a common and precise method for assessing bone mineral content, lean body mass, and fat mass.

Preventing Care for Singapore’s Ageing Population

Alexandra Hospital development of The Healthy Longevity Clinic is part of their effort for enhancing preventing care for Singapore’s ageing population. According to Professor Kenneth Mak, the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) Director-General of Health, “ Singapore has one of the longest life expectancies in the world. Our health-associated life expectancy has increased and so lifespans and healthy spans have also increased, but the gap remains the same.” Find out more here.

The gap between Singapore’s lifespan and healthspan is currently at 10 to 11 years, indicating that they are living a decade of their life in ill health.The clinic hopes to increase the number of healthy years for individuals by three years. Mr Eric Chua, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Culture, Community and Youth and Social and Family Development commented: “By embracing advances in medical science, diagnostics, and interdisciplinary collaboration, this clinic offers personalised approach to longevity, one that doesn’t just focus on the quantity of years, but also, perhaps more importantly, the quality of life those years afford us.”

Can It Be A One-Stop Solution?

Situated at Alexandra hospital increases the clinic’s accessibility for their patients. Furthermore, The Healthy Longevity Clinic shares the same site as the NUHS Centre for Healthy Longevity research unit. The unit develops new treatments for longevity. It hopes to make such medication accessible and affordable for all.

The aim is to align with Singapore’s active ageing plan to not only help Singaporeans live longer, but to be free from illness and enjoy their golden years.

The Healthy Longevity Clinic at Alexandra Hospital is the trailblazer for more initiatives and healthcare amenities for Seniors. Being a rapidly ageing population, the clinic’s aim is to pioneer efforts to increase our quality of life through tailored healthcare plans offering Singaporeans a chance to enjoy their golden years without the onset of illness in their later years. The fact that it’s conveniently located at Alexandra Hospital, right alongside the research unit for healthy longevity, shows that they’re serious about making these breakthroughs accessible to all. It’s a one-stop solution that aligns perfectly with Singapore’s active ageing plan, and it gives us hope that we can not only live longer but also live better, healthier lives as we do.

​For more information about the Health Longevity Clinic or to schedule an appointment:

Call: 6908 2222


Scan the QR code below to submit a form and the staff will contact you soon!

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